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Single Quotes In Password

Category: Security
Version Icy Phoenix 2.0 Beta (PHP 5.x - MySQL 5.x)
Mighty Gorgon
Tue 14 Aug, 2012 20:36
Check if single quotes are allowed in passwords.
Details Assigned To: Mighty Gorgon
Priority: Medium
Status: To Be Verified
Fixed: No



Posted by Informpro • Sat 12 Jan, 2013 23:44

Yes. does it matter ?

Posted by Mighty Gorgon • Sun 13 Jan, 2013 19:38

A user had a password with a single quote, but it seems he wasn't able to login. Can you check this?

Posted by Informpro • Sun 13 Jan, 2013 19:53

I tried it and I was apparently able to login. I disabled ctracker tho, maybe it's checking the field.

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