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Download topic sql errorreports table missing

Category: View Topic
Version Icy Phoenix 1.3 (PHP 5.x - MySQL 5.x)
Wed 06 May, 2009 20:57
When downloading a topic... it asks for post_text_table which has been removed in this version...

SQL Error : 1146 Table 'icyrc1.posts_text_table' doesn't exist

SELECT u.*, p.* FROM ( ip_posts p, POSTS_TEXT_TABLE pt, ip_users u LEFT JOIN ip_mps m ON u.user_id = m.mps_id ) WHERE p.topic_id = 3 AND p.post_id = 5 AND u.user_id = p.poster_id ORDER BY p.post_time ASC, p.post_id ASC

Line : 392
File : viewtopic.php
Mighty Gorgon
Sun 17 May, 2009 10:25
I tested it and I don't have that error.

I also checked the file and no clue of POSTS_TEXT_TABLE there.

Probably you are using an outdated version.

Try checking again.
Details Assigned To: Mighty Gorgon
Priority: Not Set
Status: Not A Bug
Fixed: Yes