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RSS Block UTF-8 Umlaut Problem

Category: General
Version Icy Phoenix 2.0 (PHP 5.x - MySQL 5.x)
Mon 22 Oct, 2012 21:53
If you insert a new RSS block via CMS

The umlaute are shown as question mark.

My quick solution was
OPEN /blocks/rss.php
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$title = htmlspecialchars_clean(ip_utf8_decode(strip_tags($rss_channel['items'][$j]['title'])));

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$title = strip_tags($rss_channel['items'][$j]['title']);

Maybe it is not the best way to solve this.
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Posted by Informpro • Sat 12 Jan, 2013 23:46

Doesn't that break other utf8 stuff ? Was the DB converted to utf8 correctly ? (I think this change can break other sites)

Posted by Mighty Gorgon • Sun 13 Jan, 2013 19:41

I need time to check this... Informpro, do you have time to test and try to solve this?

Posted by Informpro • Sun 13 Jan, 2013 20:07

http://i.imgur.com/aLj2C.png sadly it's true :(.
http://i.imgur.com/2822v.png I just removed ip_utf8_decode from the block but that probably breaks other stuff

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