Icy Phoenix


Multi Domain Critical Fail

Category: General
Version Icy Phoenix 2.0 (Unknown - Unknown)
Thu 02 Jul, 2015 18:39
Install Icy Phoenix a multidomain site causes a critical error.
The GIT version can be used ... but get an error "for" in function
Details Assigned To: Not Assigned
Priority: Not Set
Status: New
Fixed: No



Posted by Informpro • Thu 04 Feb, 2016 23:22

I cannot reproduce this on my "localhost" setup (with a.localhost and b.localhost).

Posted by Blackgatomon • Fri 05 Feb, 2016 03:20

I guess I just needed my Hoster activate any option.

Posted by Informpro • Fri 05 Feb, 2016 09:02

Is it good for you now?

Posted by gennydoss • Tue 26 Mar, 2019 06:55

I have been under this multidomain and has also faced multiple issues where Data Recovery Dubai was the savior. Due to some errors in these, I have also lost many data from my device.

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