Icy Phoenix


Cannot manage News categories in the ACP

Category: ACP
Version Icy Phoenix 1.2 (Unknown - Unknown)
Sat 18 Apr, 2009 13:28
In IP RC1: if you delete the deafult News Category in the ACP, afterwards if you add a new category it doesn't appear in the ACP so you cannot edit it nor delete it. So you can create all the categories you want but they are not going to be visible in the ACP, and thats a big problem if you wanna delete or edit any of them.

Posible solution now: Not to delete the default category, just edit it and change its name. If you do that, you will be able to add more categories or edit'em with no problem.

This bug has been confirmed by me and by other user (see this: http://www.icyphoenix.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5727)
Mighty Gorgon
Thu 30 Apr, 2009 10:46
I have checked it and the problem is related to cache.

I have fixed it in dev package.

Currently you have to empty the cache manually.
Details Assigned To: Mighty Gorgon
Priority: Very Low
Status: Fixed
Fixed: Yes