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Error By Delete News Ticker Entry

Category: ACP
Version Icy Phoenix 2.0 Beta (PHP 5.x - MySQL 5.x)
Tue 13 Dec, 2011 00:11
If you want to delete a news ticker entry, you get this error

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Critical Error!
message_die() was called multiple times.
Error #1
News Ticker doesn't exist or multiple News Ticker items with ID 0

Line : 78
File : includes/functions_xs_admin.php
Error #2
SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]



FILE: includes/functions.php
LINE: 5974
CALL: sql_db->sql_error()

FILE: includes/functions_xs_admin.php
LINE: 78
CALL: message_die()

FILE: adm/admin_xs_news_xml.php
LINE: 216
CALL: xsm_get_info()

Line : 909
File : includes/db/mysql.php
Mighty Gorgon
Tue 03 Jan, 2012 23:22
Fixed, thank you for reporting.
Details Assigned To: Mighty Gorgon
Priority: Low
Status: Fixed
Fixed: Yes