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Welcome To Icy Phoenix

  • What is Icy Phoenix?
  • Icy Phoenix is a CMS based on phpBB (a fully scalable and highly customisable open-source Bulletin Board package PHP based) plus many modifications and code integrations which add flexibility to the whole package. The official home page for phpBB is www.phpbb.com. Icy Phoenix has some features originally developed for phpBB XS Project which has been founded by Bicet and then developed by both Bicet and Mighty Gorgon. Icy Phoenix has been created by Luca Libralato after he left the phpBB XS Project.

  • What are the main features of Icy Phoenix?
  • Icy Phoenix has many features, most of them are listed in the Features Page and in the Credits Page. The main ones are:
    • phpBB bulletin board and permission system
    • CMS features allowing the creation of new pages and blocks
    • Overall template integration among all site sections
    • Many ready to use features: Photo Gallery, Downloads, Knowledge Base, Links, Chat...
    • Multi-language and multi-template ready
    • Almost 100% XHTML and CSS W3C compliant
    • ...and many others...

  • Is Icy Phoenix supported for bugs, security issues, improvements?
  • Icy Phoenix is an open source project. As like many open source projects it is developed by people using their free time. At the moment there are several persons in the staff willing to help and to contribute to this project. We hope the community will continue to grow and be able to provide all the necessary support to all the users who may need help.

  • Is Icy Phoenix easy to install and upgrade from other platforms?
  • Icy Phoenix has its own setup procedure which guides the user through the steps of the setup process. An upgrading file is provided to upgrade the package from standard phpBB and phpBB XS. Hopefully an upgrade procedure from any other platform will be written in the future: at the moment the only way to upgrade from another platform is by downgrading to phpBB and then run the provided upgrade procedure.

  • Does Icy Phoenix have many templates?
  • Yes, at the moment there are some free templates (some of them with multicolour variations) and we are working to create new ones. If you are interested in new templates you should regularly check the support forum and Styles Section.

  • Is Icy Phoenix multi-language?
  • English is the main language of Icy Phoenix, but it has been translated into other languages (alphabetical order): Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish... and more to come! If you don't find your language listed here, please ask at the support forum, maybe someone else is working on the translation you need and you would be welcome to join the translation team to give your contribution.

  • Will Icy Phoenix be upgraded to phpBB 3?
  • The matter is quite complex. Even if the starting core was phpBB 2, many phpBB 3 features and core functions have been ported to Icy Phoenix: this means that currently Icy Phoenix is based on a version of phpBB which is an hybrid between phpBB 2 and phpBB 3. The code is highly optimized, it uses cache extensively, you shouldn't miss phpBB 3.

  • May I join the Icy Phoenix Project?
  • Of course. Icy Phoenix is an open source project, and anyone who is willing to give his own contribution on a stable basis may then apply to join the Team.

Before trying to install Icy Phoenix make sure you have the following STRICTLY NEEDED requirements:
  • At least 20 MB of free space in the folder you would like to install the package.
  • Web server with PHP (5 or higher) installed and running (works best on Linux + Apache).
  • MySQL (5 or higher) database with at least 5MB of free space (of course the space needed depends on how big your site will be... 5MB is enough for a basic empty setup).
  • Ability to set CHMOD permissions.

These other requirements (even if not strictly needed) are suggested for optimal performance of Icy Phoenix:
  • Hosting Services with .htaccess capability.
  • Apache Rewrite Mod installed and running.
  • GD Libraries (at least 2.0.28) installed and running.
  • Register Globals set to OFF.

Icy Phoenix Features
Icy Phoenix Documentation

Please refer to the forum for further informations and support requests.


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phpBB 3 To Icy Phoenix Conversion Tool

phpBB 3 To Icy Phoenix Conversion Tool Posted  Mon 21 May, 2012 19:23 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
today I have almost finished the basic version of phpBB 3 to Icy Phoenix conversion tool.

This tool will import from a phpBB 3 installation some of the DB tables to be used into Icy Phoenix: users, forums, topics and posts table will be converted into Icy Phoenix format.

Unfortunately not all information will be imported (such as private messages, permissions and attachments for example), so some work is still needed to do a proper conversion. But I think it is a good starting point for those who want to convert.

Some basic instructions on how to use this file:

  1. Lock your phpBB 3 board
  2. Make a full DB backup of your phpBB 3
  3. Install Icy Phoenix on the same DB, but with different table prefix (best would be to have Icy Phoenix tables with "ip_" prefix and phpBB 3 tables with "phpbb_" prefix)
  4. Edit the constant in "phpbb3_to_ip.php" file to reflect the correct prefix and name in case you need it
  5. Upload "phpbb3_to_ip.php" to your Icy Phoenix root and launch it
  6. When the conversion ends, you should have all users, forums, topics and posts in your Icy Phoenix DB

Alternatively you can try to run this procedure on a local environment, as it could be easier to fix everything before re-upload the new DB with only Icy Phoenix tables.

If someone is going to try this, I would be grateful to hear some feedback.


 Description:  phpBB3 To Icy Phoenix Conversion Tool
 Filename:  phpbb3_conversion_20120523.zip
 Filesize:  5.55 KB
 Downloaded:  9394 Time(s)


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Website Updated

Website Updated Posted  Sat 01 Oct, 2011 20:38 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
tonight I have updated the website with the latest dev release of Icy Phoenix, which I hope I'm going to release as a beta in few days (after I have fixed at least the first bugs that will be spotted).

Please, let me know if you are having any kind of issue on this website.

I also would like to let you know that I have added some extra antispam measures, which unfortunately are going to affect even "trusted" users. In particular every user having less than X (I'm not disclosing the exact amount...) messages will not be allowed to insert urls in posts (will be masked) and its personal informations will remain hidden until he/she will reach X numbers of posts. I'm really sorry for this measure, but we need to fight spammers with a more strong approach. I hope you understand.



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Icy Phoenix Mobile Devices Style

Icy Phoenix Mobile Devices Style Posted  Thu 25 Aug, 2011 23:40 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
I'm very glad to announce that Icy Phoenix has now a new style which is optimized for mobile devices.

The new style has been developed by CyberAlien owner of the great project ColorizeIt!

The style is still in beta testing phase, and if you want to help in debugging, you can have a try with the latest development version of Icy Phoenix that you can find on GIT:

Icy Phoenix Latest Development Version

Here you will find the Mobile style:

Icy Phoenix Mobile Style

To use it, just download and install Icy Phoenix (from GIT) and then navigate it with a mobile device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry...).

If you are willing to see the style with a "normal" pc you can install it as you would do for any other style and activate it... otherwise you can manually change includes/sessions.php:

Code: [Hide] [Select]
// For debugging purpose you can force this to true
//$this->data['is_mobile'] = true;

Code: [Hide] [Select]
// For debugging purpose you can force this to true
$this->data['is_mobile'] = true;

Let me know what do you think and if you find any bug.

I also would like to thank CyberAlien for the precious help in developing such a style.



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New AJAX CMS Posted  Sun 15 May, 2011 10:29 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
I have just updated GIT repository with the latest dev version of Icy Phoenix:

Icy Phoenix Dev Version

I have been helped by a professional coder in improving the CMS experience by adding some AJAX in pages and blocks management, now CMS should be almost complete, just the new AUTH System still missing.

Here are some screenshots (unfortunately a couple of the screenshots are not perfect because of the system I used to get them):




I still need to clean up the code and the DB, which is the next step before integrating the AUTH System... but CMS should work fine if you want to test it.

I would need help in writing the tip and help code in the various CMS pages, if someone is willing to help, just let me know.

Please also report bugs in CMS if you find, so I can fix them.

I still don't have a final release date, but now most of the job is done...


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Icy Phoenix Project Moved To GIT Only

Icy Phoenix Project Moved To GIT Only Posted  Sun 17 Apr, 2011 22:35 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
I wanted to announce that starting from today the old Icy Phoenix Repository on SVN will be discontinued.

All Icy Phoenix code repositories have been moved to GIT for many reasons (mainly because of SVN limitations in fork/merge features).

Here are the new URIs for the Repositories:

Icy Phoenix GIT Repository
Icy Phoenix - Languages GIT Repository
Icy Phoenix - Styles GIT Repository
Icy Phoenix - Plugins GIT Repository

I will only keep tags release on the old SVN repository, I will remove everything else in some months (just to make sure that everything is working fine).

If you want to start to contributing to Icy Phoenix code, is now easier than before:

Happy Coding Icy Phoenix!


Tags And Keywordscoding, development, git

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Some News About Icy Phoenix Development - New Users Class

Some News About Icy Phoenix Development - New Users Class Posted  Fri 01 Apr, 2011 01:23 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
it's been a while I'm not writing news about Icy Phoenix development. The main reason it is that we are lacking of developers, and development slowed down a bit.

I'm currently working on the users/sessions system, trying to improve the way both sessions and users are working in Icy Phoenix. To this purpose I have ported part of phpBB 3 Users Class into Icy Phoenix, recoding some parts and adding some extra code where needed. I've almost finished the integation, but since this modification regards so many files and functions, I'm sure that many bugs have been introduced, and we need to spot them.

Tonight I've just updated both GIT and SVN repository with the latest development version, you can find some more details here:
Showing 340 changed files with 6,242 additions and 4,567 deletions.

As you can see changes are many, and updating from latest dev release could be tough (due to the change into the session system/db).

If you want to help in the development, you can try to install on a local server (I would not suggest to use this development version online!) and report the bugs you find.

Next step in development is improving the permissions system and the CMS, I'll keep you posted.



Tags And Keywordsdevelopment, sessions, users class

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Icy Phoenix - Patch

Icy Phoenix - Patch Posted  Thu 24 Feb, 2011 12:02 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
here is the second patch of Icy Phoenix which will upgrade your version to

The purpose of this patch is mainly to fix an XSS vulnerability kindly reported by Saif El-Sherei and also to fix a couple of bugs reported by users on CMS and KB.

How to install this patch:
  1. Make a full backup, both files and DB
  2. Download the patch from the link below
  3. Extract the package on your hard disk
  4. Copy the install folder in the root of your website
  5. Launch install/database_update.php
  6. Upload all files into your website by replacing old ones (please note that you may have customized some files like constants.php or lang_main_settings.php, and you may want to update them before uploading)
  7. Enjoy your updated website!

There are two different downloads, one with only changed files since version (first link below) and one with changed files since version (second link below).

Not Authorized
You are not authorized to download this file

Not Authorized
You are not authorized to download this file

Should you experience any kind of error, please report in the support forum.



Tags And Keywordsicy phoenix, patch

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Icy Phoenix Code Audit

Icy Phoenix Code Audit Posted  Wed 03 Feb, 2010 23:01 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
I would like to keep you updated on some of the recent developments about Icy Phoenix.

Me and all developers are working on the whole package trying to improve some existing aspects but also implementing some new features.

Mainly we are focusing on performances and code optimization: trying to reduce the number of files and inclusions and creating classes for higher scalability and performances.

Regarding these aspects I would like you to know that I have decided to invest most part of donations received so far for a paid code audit by an external professional coder: this means that a specialized PHP coder will go through the code of the core files mainly trying to catch security holes and bugs, but also trying to improve the overall code by writing new code which helps with performance.

As you may imagine this kind of job is time consuming, and professional coders are not that cheap. This is why I'm also starting a new initiative here.

Starting from today, 90% of all the donations received until the end of February will be re-invested into code audit, while 10% will be donated to Haiti Cause.

Keep in mind that this project is open source, nobody has been charged for using it so far, and never will be. The amount you are willing to donate will be almost interely re-invested (apart of a small percentage that will go to charity) for improving the platform and your sites performances and security. I guess it is a great opportunity for us all to do something good for ourselves and the whole community.

How much should I donate?

Well that depends on how much you trust Open Source and how much your site is depending upon Icy Phoenix. Let me try to help you with some numbers / suggestions:

  • Icy Phoenix is open source, you have never been charged for using it, and you will never be.
  • Professional CMS platforms usually require a one time fee for the license plus an annual fee for supports and updates: on average pricing for the license is around 200 euros while about 100 euros are required for annual support fee (these amounts may also be really high for some kinds of products).
  • If your site is based upon Icy Phoenix, you have a good ratio of visits per day, and you are generating some revenues from your site, then you should really consider donating at least 30 euros to this initiative.
  • If you come regularly here (on this website) to get helped or styles or customization, and you think you found what you needed, maybe you should consider donating starting from 20 euros.
  • If your site is based upon Icy Phoenix, your community is quite big, but you are not generating income from your site, then a donation of 10 euros will be highly appreciated.
  • If your site is based upone Icy Phoenix, your site is amatorial and you don't mind about futures developments, well, then you don't need to donate unless you are feeling happy today!

Please keep in mind that I'm not forcing anyone to donate, feel free to donate or not, and please donate only if you trust this project and the open source world.

Also I would like to remind you that all donators who donate at least 10 euros will become part of a Special Group which have access to a special section where special content and informations are provided.

I will keep you updated about the total amount received and how those money will be used to improve Icy Phoenix.

Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance to all those who will donate.

Also a big thank you to all users that donated so far and allowed me to upgrade to a new server with higher performances.

Link to donation pages: Donations - Donate


Tags And Keywordscode audit

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