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Some News About Icy Phoenix Development - New Users Class

Some News About Icy Phoenix Development - New Users Class Posted  Fri 01 Apr, 2011 01:23 By Mighty Gorgon
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it's been a while I'm not writing news about Icy Phoenix development. The main reason it is that we are lacking of developers, and development slowed down a bit.

I'm currently working on the users/sessions system, trying to improve the way both sessions and users are working in Icy Phoenix. To this purpose I have ported part of phpBB 3 Users Class into Icy Phoenix, recoding some parts and adding some extra code where needed. I've almost finished the integation, but since this modification regards so many files and functions, I'm sure that many bugs have been introduced, and we need to spot them.

Tonight I've just updated both GIT and SVN repository with the latest development version, you can find some more details here:
Showing 340 changed files with 6,242 additions and 4,567 deletions.

As you can see changes are many, and updating from latest dev release could be tough (due to the change into the session system/db).

If you want to help in the development, you can try to install on a local server (I would not suggest to use this development version online!) and report the bugs you find.

Next step in development is improving the permissions system and the CMS, I'll keep you posted.



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