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Icy Phoenix Project Moved To GIT Only

Icy Phoenix Project Moved To GIT Only Posted  Sun 17 Apr, 2011 22:35 By Mighty Gorgon
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Hi all,
I wanted to announce that starting from today the old Icy Phoenix Repository on SVN will be discontinued.

All Icy Phoenix code repositories have been moved to GIT for many reasons (mainly because of SVN limitations in fork/merge features).

Here are the new URIs for the Repositories:

Icy Phoenix GIT Repository
Icy Phoenix - Languages GIT Repository
Icy Phoenix - Styles GIT Repository
Icy Phoenix - Plugins GIT Repository

I will only keep tags release on the old SVN repository, I will remove everything else in some months (just to make sure that everything is working fine).

If you want to start to contributing to Icy Phoenix code, is now easier than before:

Happy Coding Icy Phoenix!


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