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New AJAX CMS Posted  Sun 15 May, 2011 10:29 By Mighty Gorgon
Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
I have just updated GIT repository with the latest dev version of Icy Phoenix:

Icy Phoenix Dev Version

I have been helped by a professional coder in improving the CMS experience by adding some AJAX in pages and blocks management, now CMS should be almost complete, just the new AUTH System still missing.

Here are some screenshots (unfortunately a couple of the screenshots are not perfect because of the system I used to get them):




I still need to clean up the code and the DB, which is the next step before integrating the AUTH System... but CMS should work fine if you want to test it.

I would need help in writing the tip and help code in the various CMS pages, if someone is willing to help, just let me know.

Please also report bugs in CMS if you find, so I can fix them.

I still don't have a final release date, but now most of the job is done...


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