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CMS - How To Create New Pages Within CMS 

This is only for IP version 1.3

To create a new page using your CMS functions:

Follow this path: CMS>

You should be here:

Example 1:

Now you can click on the icon where mouse is; (middle icon in top row), or from the menu on the left you can click on CMS pages ADV.

You will see the CMS menu listing for all of your pages. Since you haven't created any pages yet, you should only see 2:

Example 2:

To create a new page, click on the button in the bottom right of page menu area called "Add Site Page".

You should now be on this page:

Example 3:

Begin creating your page by filling in the first field with the page name. When you fill this in, it will be your page title when viewing the page after it's created. (showing up on the top left as it does on any web page)

Example 4:

Now, continue by filling in the next field with what your page will actually be named in your file system. I recommend using lower case with no spaces, and end the page name with the suffix .php

Like this:

Example 5:

Now, choose what layout you want on the page you are creating using the dropdown box that is on that same page as above. ( 3_column.tpl, central_block.tpl, etc.)

Now, using the bullet style buttons, the next features you will choose will be:

Show global blocks yes or no (this will place the dynamic menu on the page)
Show breadcrumbs (the menu path that will appear that shows the file path to your page displayed on the top left center navigation area).

The next 2 things are important.

Using the next dropdown, choose your view permissions. (all, REG, MOD, ADMIN)
The last dropdown, choose who can edit this page. (for safety reasons, don't let it default to ALL), I always choose "Content Manager".

Click "submit", and your page is now created.

Remember, to view or edit your page go to CMS>CMS Pages ADV to view/edit your page. You will see all the options there you need to edit your page or add blocks.

After your page is created and you like it, you can always go back to CMS>CMS pages, and you will see the list of pages there like in example 2 above, or you can go to that page, (I recommend saving that page after you create it as favorites in your browser for easy access at all times)......------or------when viewing that page go to the bottom and click on CMS and you will be taken to the add/edit blocks page to make any changes.

 gearhead [ Sat 22 Aug, 2009 18:54 ] Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic  

Icy Phoenix 

Hi all,
I hope you are enjoying Christmas holidays.

I have reviewed some of the code in these days and I'm now testing on this site Icy Phoenix

If everything is working fine, I will release hopefully the last RC just for bug fixing and translations in a couple of days... then I guess we may go final. I can't tell the release date, but I guess it will be before Spring come.

In the meantime, you can report for bugs you find in this site or in build 024.

I wish you a great 2007 end and an even better 2008 begin.

Happy 2008 to you and your families!

Luca Libralato

 Mighty Gorgon [ Mon 31 Dec, 2007 13:38 ] Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic  

Open Source CMS And Icy Phoenix 

Hi all,
I'm glad to announce that Icy Phoenix has been added to the reviewed CMS @ OpenSourceCMS.com.

You will find here the link to Icy Phoenix with the details to test the package both as an admin and a user (you should have access to all ACP and CMS features as well).


Thank you all for using Icy Phoenix.


 Mighty Gorgon [ Wed 23 Jul, 2008 14:51 ] Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic  

Icy Phoenix - New Domain 

Hi All and Happy New Year!

In Italy we say: new year... new life...

Well... it tooks me two days to move everything to this new domain, but now we officially have a new home and most important a new project name.

The new project name as you may have noticed is Icy Phoenix, I hope you like it.

We have several new things here, and it will take a bit for me and the Staff to make sure that everything is running fine... if you notice something that is not working or working incorrectly, please contact me.

As I promised I'll release a beta version of the new project in this days... I have a package ready, but I've just noticed a couple of things that still need to be fixed... so I'll post the link hopefully tomorrow.

Regarding Icy Phoenix, you will see here the new template which is going to be (with some adjustments) the final one... we will create a poll to rate this theme.

You will also notice some new sections regarding my mods: as most of you already know, I've created some mods for phpBB which I was supporting on my site... but now I have decided to move everything regarding phpBB world here, so all the technical things are discussed on this site and MG.com may come back to its origin...

Finally I would like to thank all the Staff for having helped me in these months, and some of them directly contributed in the creation and testing of the new package.

You will notice that some of them have been promoted...

Thank you all, and enjoy the new site.

Luca Libralato

 Mighty Gorgon [ Sun 07 Jan, 2007 00:56 ] Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic  

New Plugins System 

Hi guys,
I'm glad to announce that I have almost finished the new Plugins framework for Icy Phoenix.

Some details about the new Plugins System:
  • Plugins may be installed by copying files in the plugins folder (then you will be able to enable the Plugin in ACP).
  • Only few files are required to create a new plugin from scratch.
  • Unfortunately some core files still need do be edited where some special operations are required for the plugin to work, but I'm planning to code an Hook System to avoid at least some basic edits in core files.
  • I strongly encourage MOD writers to use the Plugins System while creating / porting mods to Icy Phoenix.
  • The Plugins System requires only a small cache request in common.php.

After some tests it seems to be working as expected, but I would like some of you helping me in debugging.

If someone is willing to help in debugging, please contact me privately and I will exactly tell what I need to be tested.

I also need to port some Icy Phoenix features to the new Plugins System: this task is not easy, but it is a great way to get introduced into how Icy Phoenix works and would greatly help in creating own plugins. If someone is interested in helping in this task please contact me, and I'll provide all the info and the help needed.

Some basic requirements for those who wants to apply:
  • Basic PHP skills (at least being able to read and understand PHP code)
  • Good knowledge about Icy Phoenix features and structure
  • Good HTML and CSS skills

If you think you have these requirements and you wish to actively contribute to this project, please write me privately and I will provide further instructions.


 Mighty Gorgon [ Tue 01 Dec, 2009 13:24 ] Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic