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Joining the Icy Phoenix team is a great way to give back to a project that you enjoy using. Some users like donating to the project and we appreciate that, but volunteering your time and expertise to the project is just as valuable as a donation.

In this topic, you will find many teams that are looking for volunteers, unpaid users that love to help other users get the most out of their Icy Phoenix. We will provide the training and detailed information regarding each team so you can choose the best way to contribute.


Administrators carry out many roles on the Icy Phoenix website, mainly overseeing the daily continuous operation of the home support website.

Team Leader - Mighty Gorgon


The development team is very integral to the success of the Icy Phoenix release. This team is responsible for the entire release, finding and fixing security issues, implementing new features, and various other important details. The ideal member of this team will have excellent coding experience (PHP and HTML) and plenty of time set aside to help support current and future Icy Phoenix releases.

Team Leader - Mighty Gorgon


The design team is another integral part of the Icy Phoenix team. Every aesthetic part of this website you see is due to this team's excellent skills. This team creates many, if not all, the images and graphical interfaces of the Icy Phoenix system. Interested users should have an eye for detail, be familiar with the Icy Phoenix templating system, and have plenty of time set aside to create graphics for current and future Icy Phoenix styles.

Team Leader - TheSteffen


The documentation team creates various documents and FAQ's that help our users get the absolute most out of their Icy Phoenix. You can find many DOC's created by members of the documentation team here. This is a newer team and the creation of this team has proved to be invaluable.

Team Leader - Chaotic


The staff team helps support Icy Phoenix releases and moderates the support website. Staff help other users by offering their expertise to different portions of Icy Phoenix the best they can. They also keep discussions/support requests on topic and help guide users to a solution. The important thing to remember is you don't have to be an Icy Phoenix expert or know everything about this CMS to be a staff team member. We do ask that members of this team be extremely friendly and understanding of other user's requests for help. A member of this group represents the face of Icy Phoenix and how people see this project.

Team Leader - Chaotic

Bug Trackers

The bug tracking team is another important part of the Icy Phoenix team. There is no doubt you have ran into an Icy Phoenix bug before. This team diagnoses and attempts to rectify reported bugs in betas, release candidates, and releases. Without this team, every Icy Phoenix release would be buggy and more than likely prove inoperable. The ideal applicant will have an eye for detail and basic knowledge of PHP and HTML, although the ability to report a true bug is more important.

Team Leader - Mighty Gorgon


Contributors are users that are actively contributing to this project. Users are activity contributing when they are providing support on the website, creating new features, and a myriad of other contributions. Most of the time we add users to this group based on their activity on the website, but if you would like to join this team because you have contributed in many different ways, please let us know! We stay busy working on Icy Phoenix releases and we may not have had the time to look over every topic or post for contributors.

Team Leader - Mighty Gorgon


Icy Phoenix would still be read in Italian if it wasn't for this group. As far as I can tell, Icy Phoenix is now read in nine different languages! This group is responsible for translating an English copy of Icy Phoenix into different languages. The ideal applicant should be slightly familiar with the English language.

Team Leader - ThE KuKa

Application Questions

Should you be interested in joining any of the above teams, please make sure you have an activated registered account and then use Contact US page or send a PM to Mighty Gorgon by filling up these short questions:

  • If you don't mind us asking, what is your age?
  • What is your language preference? Are you bi-lingual? What is your native language?
  • Have you had any experience in support websites? If so, please list the websites you provided support for and what you did to help other users.
  • What team are you interested in joining?
  • Why do you want to join this team?
  • Do you plan to play an active role here on the support website?
  • Please list briefly your coding skills (coding language, level).