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Cristianita [ Tue 29 Aug, 2017 10:50 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
Well, this is the situation:

I have a forum in forumactif (foroactivo in spanish), it's free and really easy to manage.

We use to install some JavaScripts codes to get modifications that aren't in Administration Panel; but lately I have a problem with one of them, because some user registered in my forum escaping the JavaSCript that limit the length of characters of nicks. This is one example, but I had others problems with this codes.

Now I know that JavaScripts are like a door in the middle of an open field! Because now browsers can lock JavaScripts and what it's the point? They are like a joke!

So I have to ask: Do you need sometimes to install JavaScripts in IcyPhoenix forum?

Informpro [ Tue 29 Aug, 2017 11:01 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
No, not really. Icy Phoenix has a lot more customization settings than forumactif (Which I know pretty well because it's french), and also has a system of plugins:

Someone can write some code to do what you want, and you'll just install it in the plugins/ folder. Much easier to maintain.

Cristianita [ Tue 29 Aug, 2017 20:00 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
Thanks so much, Informpro... I'm considering to move my forum, but not in a free hosting. Any suggestion?

Informpro [ Tue 29 Aug, 2017 22:58 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
I only have servers I share with other people nowadays. Maybe others can chime in, I'm not sure where MG got this server :-).

For free "trial" (in that they aren't very good) host, you can try 000webhost.com - I know it's one I used to deploy some temporary websites.

Cristianita [ Wed 30 Aug, 2017 00:30 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
You're right, I can try to start in 000webhost.com, I have an account there.

Thanks, Informpro, we keep in touch ¡Shalom!

Cristianita [ Sat 02 Sep, 2017 05:20 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
What version you recommend me install to, Informpro?

Informpro [ Sat 02 Sep, 2017 11:51 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
The latest version, as usual :-).

There has been a few improvements since Icy Phoenix 2.2 has been released, so it might be better to download the latest version: https://github.com/MightyGorgon/icy_phoenix/archive/master.zip

Cristianita [ Sat 02 Sep, 2017 21:17 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
Thanks, Informpro

alexpik [ Fri 27 Oct, 2017 15:45 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
Thank you very much for the input.

Nasarhayat [ Tue 12 May, 2020 17:56 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
Thanks for great work mate

Epicblue [ Sun 28 Nov, 2021 14:58 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
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Epicblue [ Mon 28 Feb, 2022 02:38 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
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Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
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DanielleFredericksn [ Tue 06 Sep, 2022 09:15 ]
Post subject: Re: Icy Phoenix 2.2
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