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English Chit Chat - Lymphoma Is Back

mort [ Tue 07 Dec, 2021 13:37 ]
Post subject: Lymphoma Is Back
Hi people,

My forum days are coming quickly to an end just like Joshua's did.

About 4 years ago I had a cancerous lymph node treated with radiation and it got rid of it - Now it's coming back with some aggressiveness.

I've started a GoFundMe project to try to raise some capital for me to buy an electric scooter and a small second-hand car for my wife to take me to hospital and when I go for the last time it will help her park it much easier than the 23 year old bomb we have.

Anyway if you would like to contribute the GoFundMe, here's the URL.

Mighty Gorgon [ Tue 14 Dec, 2021 11:06 ]
Post subject: Re: Lymphoma Is Back
That's really sad my friend...

I will contribute and really hope that you can fight and win again.

Informpro [ Sun 26 Dec, 2021 14:42 ]
Post subject: Re: Lymphoma Is Back
That sucks. Hope everything goes the best it can...

mort [ Thu 27 Jan, 2022 23:35 ]
Post subject: Re: Lymphoma Is Back
Thanks Guys,

But it's all but over for me.

Goodbye to one and all,


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