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English Chit Chat - ToolBar : Very Interresting

spydie [ Sun 21 Jun, 2009 19:35 ]
Post subject: ToolBar : Very Interresting
Hi Guy´s and Girl´s

I´ve been googling around and found a site there you can design your own downloadable toolbar.

You can fully personalize it. Its for free. You can even earn some money with it, if I understood that well.

Might be interressting for the one´s with a lot of User´s. it even includes a chat or a RSS-Ticker

Works with IE and FF. I think with Opera aswell.

here´s a screenshot of how the downloader looks like


Different languages. just have a look at it

This is the site

Report what you think of it


This is not ment to be spam

Chaotic [ Mon 22 Jun, 2009 03:25 ]
Post subject: Re: ToolBar : Very Interresting
Hey that's pretty neat.

Thanks for posting this!

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