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English Chit Chat - Oktoberfest

Mighty Gorgon [ Sun 30 Aug, 2009 19:40 ]
Post subject: Oktoberfest
Just for the records... I'll be in Munich from September 28th to September 30th...

If someone is around we may have a beer together!

TheSteffen [ Fri 04 Sep, 2009 23:34 ]
Post subject: Re: Oktoberfest
It is a little bit far away from my home

But I wish you a lot of fun there You will like it

elpulgas [ Sat 05 Sep, 2009 12:35 ]
Post subject: Re: Oktoberfest

I'd go there too and it's not very far away from Stuttgart but I'm starting in the university so I won't be able to go this year.
Maybe next

Best of Luck

KugeLSichA [ Sat 12 Sep, 2009 10:16 ]
Post subject: Re: Oktoberfest
Hey Luca...

I think we can meet us there... as it seems i would work until begin of october in munich...

but the problem is, that i have to work on 28-30th but maybe we can meet us after working time for a beer... if you dont have too much at this time

Mighty Gorgon [ Sat 12 Sep, 2009 10:33 ]
Post subject: Re: Oktoberfest
Great Holle, you should already have my mobile number... drop me an SMS when you are free and we will arrange for a beer there!

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