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English Chit Chat - Adding Gzip To Sitemap.php

mort [ Thu 18 Dec, 2014 12:06 ]
Post subject: Adding Gzip To Sitemap.php
Hey fella's, I'm kind of stuck on this, or to be honest I'm "Lost in the wilderness" and after reading and playing for hours I still have NO IDEA!

<Removed Link>

Can "someone" help - Like doing it for me? for free! or take $2.00 out of my forum credits?

Cough! Cough!

BTW - I do have gzip running and also had a look at IP's sitemap and got lost after the <?php!

But I think my biggest problem is that even if I got it right - I wouldn't know how to test it.


I'm back on the trail again today and it appears that I've got to make a few changes to the Db to create yet more arguments - So stand by and we'll see what happens!


I've come to realise that this is not as simple as it looks, and thanks MG for all of the examples in IP!

I've got a copy of the $do_gzip function.php from the web and will shelve this for another day when I learn some more!

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