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English Chit Chat - Re: BBMF Add On

David144 [ Wed 24 Dec, 2014 08:26 ]
Post subject: Re: BBMF Add On
The mod is ready for the modified and included installation instructions, for the default templates, for others we will have to make a small change.


Informpro [ Wed 24 Dec, 2014 21:06 ]
Post subject: Re: Re: BBMF Add On
Oh, you done converting it? Pretty amazing!

mort [ Thu 25 Dec, 2014 13:08 ]
Post subject: Re: Re: BBMF Add On
One can only assume that BBMF stands for ->

RAF BBMF - Homepage - Royal Air Force

As you don't provide any other details about what it is or what version of Icy Phoenix it's supposed to embrace?

And until you do - This has been removed to English Chit Chat.

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