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English Chit Chat - I Am A New Member, Please Help Everyone!

michaeltoan016 [ Mon 28 May, 2018 09:00 ]
Post subject: I Am A New Member, Please Help Everyone!
Dear Victor,

During the last 24 hours SiteGround has detected that your account casimedicos.com has overloaded the server several times due to the fact that it produces too much slow queries to the MySQL server. Therefore your website takes more than 7 seconds to load and with more than 10 people trying to load it simultaneously the shared server load is seriously increased.

This makes your account potentially dangerous for the other users hosted on a shared server. To minimize the negative impact of this event we have temporary limited the number of simultaneous connections allowed to your website. This may result in occasional server error messages displayed to your website visitors.

Informpro [ Mon 28 May, 2018 16:27 ]
Post subject: Re: I Am A New Member, Please Help Everyone!

That sounds absolutely insane to me. Icy Phoenix requires less resources than it did 10 years ago, PHP got faster, and servers got better.
The two things that can consume quite a bit of server resources, however, are:
- bots. when they crawl your websites, they visit every single page.
- sitemap. it has to index a looot of data, and can be very costly.

Can you please ask your host for more details, so we can find what page/behavior is the culprit? Thanks.

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