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General Support - Ways To Get Support Questions Answered Quicker

Mighty Gorgon [ Thu 25 Sep, 2008 10:35 ]
Post subject: Ways To Get Support Questions Answered Quicker
Did you try to use the SEARCH engine to check if your problem has already been discussed? Did you check the DOCUMENTS forum?
SEARCH is often the fastest way to get support.

If you didn't find any topics regarding your issue, you may want to expedite the process of answering a few questions... this is what you can do to receive better support:

  • Add a concise subject to your topics.
  • Provide the version of your Icy Phoenix, detailing if it is a new installation or an upgrade (from which version of Icy Phoenix / phpBB)?
  • (If necessary) Add a detailed description of your problem, including steps to reproduce it.
  • (If necessary) Provide an URL to your forum / URL to the specific problematic page.
  • (If necessary) Test user account.
  • (If necessary) Screenshot or error text, verbatim.
  • Also, please read the sticky threads and announcements before posting your question.

Why We Only Give Support On The Forum

Thank you for your cooperation.

P.S.: Thanks to Lopalong and Chaotic for the help with this post.

Lopalong [ Thu 25 Sep, 2008 11:37 ]
Post subject: Re: Ways To Get Support Questions Answered Quicker

That is a Great idea and I encourage all users to consider the fact that we are not mind-readers here, and that a precise, verbose and clear question generally gets the equivalent answer.

Which is a lot less frustrating for everyone.

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