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General Support - Where Do I Have To Add The CSS Code To Configure The Quick Title?

Cristianita [ Tue 07 Nov, 2017 04:18 ]
Post subject: Where Do I Have To Add The CSS Code To Configure The Quick Title?
I found the quick title and also found the way to edit this text, applying a CSS class (HTML).

I have two problems:
  1. I've typed this code in the box:
    This is the code:
    Code: [Hide] [Select]
    <span class='etiqueta' style='background-color: #496202; color: #ffffff;'>LISTO</span>
    As you see, the code has single quotes; but I typed double quotes. So what happened? It happens that when I type double quotes and click Submit, the ACP changes the double quotes to simple quotes. And this is a real problem, because later, with simple quotes, the code doesn't work. I have to keep going change the quotes every single time that I have to edit this code.
  2. I added this CSS code in common.css template (all of them), because I thought this is the place where I had to do that.
    Code: [Hide] [Select]
    span.etiqueta { padding: 2px 3px 2px 3px; margin: 1px 2px 1px 2px; line-height: 1.25; border-radius: 2px; display: inline-block; }
    span.etiqueta b, span.etiqueta strong { color: inherit; }
    h2 span.etiqueta { padding: 0px 5px 0px 5px; margin: 2px; border-radius: 3px; }
    I'd got this code inspecting this forum. But it doesn't work, the quick title shows just the background-color and font color, and that's it.

I added this CSS code in this templates:
  • Icy Phoenix / templates / common / common.css
  • Icy Phoenix / templates / prosilver_ip_20160604_220105 / prosilver_ip / common.css
  • Icy Phoenix / templates / prosilver_ip / common.css

Despite this, when I inspecting my forum, the CSS code doesn't appear.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, I made some mistake.

I wonder what is the template where to add the CSS code.

I don't know what happened, but the quick title looks very well:


And the CSS Code shows when I inspecting the page.

Maybe it was a Firefox problem, not IcyPhoenix.

Well, I think you can close this topic

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