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d16174l4n63l [ Sun 06 May, 2018 08:01 ]
Post subject: User Database Mistake
So I was making custom profile fields and accidentally made a user_rank custom field.
IP went ahead and gave me an error but did it anyway.

I tried removing the custom field, and lost access to forums.
I put the user_rank custom field back and everything is normal again.

I knew enough to remove user_rank from the custom fields admin panel, but is something horribly screwed up?

Informpro [ Sun 06 May, 2018 12:20 ]
Post subject: Re: User Database Mistake
I think you're right... We need to add checks to make sure we're not superseding fields that already exist...

d16174l4n63l [ Sun 06 May, 2018 13:58 ]
Post subject: Re: User Database Mistake
If it helps the community I am all for it 8).
What can I do with my tragedy to help?

Informpro [ Sat 12 May, 2018 21:52 ]
Post subject: Re: User Database Mistake
First, I want to make sure -- do you have any lingering issues, or is everything resolved?

Then, we'll need to code some safeguard.

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