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msdaniel924 [ Tue 03 Jul, 2018 18:00 ]
Post subject: Where I Can Report IP Bugs?
Not sure if this is support or what so here goes.

No matter what template I am using, in the ACP or the CMS, if I attempt to use the little green or red arrows to move something such as a forum up or down, it is a no go. They will not move. Also, I have a few forums that I chose to place after a certain forum and it will stay on the bottom of the list. I can try to re position it all I want and it will not move. I tried using up and down arrows as well as editing the forum and once again trying to choose what forum I wanted it be after. It just wont go. Very minor bug in my opinion. Does not effect forum use at all or the blocks in CMS (Main Links so far is where I have found it).

I found one more and forgot to note it. Once I find it again I will report back. So far it is a very solid platform to build on.

Informpro [ Wed 04 Jul, 2018 17:44 ]
Post subject: Re: Where I Can Report IP Bugs?

What's your version?

MWE_001 [ Thu 05 Jul, 2018 01:14 ]
Post subject: Re: Where I Can Report IP Bugs?

I had this very same issue that turned out not to be a bug at all. I even screen recorded it to show. It turned out it was a cache issue. I cleared cache in browsers and everything I could think of and it would not work at all for days. Suddenly one day it worked.

It happens from time to time. When it does, I try every clear trick in the book and eventually it works. Sometimes I switch browsers and it woks.

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