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minhtuchael033 [ Sat 07 Jul, 2018 05:02 ]
Post subject: Hi Guy! I Need Help
Spanish language icy phoenix is whether any knowingly or do knows what you plan to do ... or some tutorial of how, would be appreciated ..

Traductor de Google

MWE_001 [ Mon 09 Jul, 2018 07:05 ]
Post subject: Re: Hi Guy! I Need Help
You are spamming the forum. You are double posting under 2 different user accounts. See below image and username in the image.

I would help but I do not like spammers. Sorry. Please pick a username to use and use only that one. Double posting will not get you help any faster. Frankly speaking, it takes up more of our time reading an extra post only to find out it was the same person with the same problem, thus the term SPAM. If I was a mod I would give you a warning but since I am not, I will simply move on and wish you a good day.

Take care.



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