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Old Customizations - Question About Salt-forum Of PhpBB

spydie [ Thu 22 Oct, 2009 12:52 ]
Post subject: Question About Salt-forum Of PhpBB

i got one question. What to do with the salt the forum thing that PhpBB3 uses.

In every mod i try to convert from PhpBB3 to Icy 1.3 y get stuck with these lines.

I´ve tried to just delet them but in most ocasions that does´nt work.

Here´s an example of the code.

Code: [Hide] [Select]
// Salting the form...yumyum ...

Informpro [ Thu 22 Oct, 2009 13:14 ]
Post subject: Re: Question About Salt-forum Of PhpBB
What does this function ?

Mighty Gorgon [ Mon 26 Oct, 2009 16:25 ]
Post subject: Re: Question About Salt-forum Of PhpBB
That function is needed to improve security on forms and avoid bots and hackers to inject or run forms.

That is a good way to secure form, and I'm planning to add it to Icy Phoenix even if that would not be easy and quick as there are many forms in Icy Phoenix.

If you are porting a mod form phpBB 3 to Icy Phoenix it should be enough to remove the field from the template and the check from the PHP file. Alternatively you may implement the SALT function in Icy Phoenix and try to make it work.

If you have an example of code I may help further.

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