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Old Customizations - [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Sliding Options When Posting

Mighty Gorgon [ Sun 20 Feb, 2011 10:37 ]
Post subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Sliding Options When Posting
Before adding it to the default package I need to check it and trying to understand how it is impacting the code (php, html, css, etc.).

I'll do it when I have some free time and let you know.

KugeLSichA [ Wed 02 Mar, 2011 17:56 ]
Post subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Sliding Options When Posting
Jopie89 wrote: [View Post]
Hi installed the mod on IcyPhoenix With black pearl.

When posting a new message you get offcoure the textbox but standard is open: calenderevent. (see screenshot):
Clicking Message Options and attachement will result in the following:
Poll, Event and Calender don't work at all...

What can be wrong?
(Sorry for my bad english.. I hope you understand.. )

Just copied the postinb_body.tpl from /contrib/default Now it's ok My bad..

Same problem here... the install instructions are not correct... but if you diff the posting_body.tpl with your current... all is working as it should...

Thanks for this great MOD!

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