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DHope129 [ Tue 28 Feb, 2012 05:50 ]
Post subject: Header Out Of Line

I somehow messed up the header of my new website which i am using rainbow pearl. The header seems out of wack. If anyone can help me recode the probably overall_header.html file to fix this it would be very appreciated.

The link to my website: www.kgclan.org

Thank you for your support,


Joshua203 [ Tue 28 Feb, 2012 07:21 ]
Post subject: Re: Header Out Of Line
Hi there, welcome to IcyPhoenix,

I've moved your post because you are not using an IcyPhoenix board, you only use an Icy template on PHPBB.
please ask new questions in this section (unless you switch to an Icy Board )

Now on to your problem..
You can't really expect to be able to dump a huge image in the header and expect it to work.
My advice would be to at least make the width fit the board's width because whatever you would do now ...it will never look great (unless we would make the board even less wide than it already is )

It would be better to edit the image you're using, or pick another one.. and make it fit better or fully.

You can set the height of the header content in the stylesheet.css, just look for top_logo.


DHope129 [ Tue 28 Feb, 2012 16:57 ]
Post subject: Re: Header Out Of Line

Thanks for your response. I was just wondering if we could expand the board. Ill just make the image fit the premade space for the logo. Thanks again,


Joshua203 [ Wed 29 Feb, 2012 08:15 ]
Post subject: Re: Header Out Of Line
Yes you can make it wider, but since I don't know what image needs to fit (besides that it's not stretchable) I can't go into details.
Have a close look at mg_config.html (keep in mind if a screen fits your screen perfectly that it does not mean someone else will see the same thing!)

BTW we do have a search function and I'm sure there are many topics about this (already solved and answered), I would start by searching and reading up on basic info if I where you

spydie [ Wed 29 Feb, 2012 11:36 ]
Post subject: Re: Header Out Of Line
check your stylesheet.css for top_logo . height is set for 150px there. set that to your image height and check, if that fixed it

height: 290px is about perfect there, and try to stretch your image to 960px width with you image editor

Joshua203 [ Sun 18 Mar, 2012 01:40 ]
Post subject: Re: Header Out Of Line
I'm going to mark this one as Solved because the logo at least seems to fit better now, Thanks Spydie for explaining somewhat more accurate than I did ( I was more or less trying to wake some braincells )

spydie [ Sun 18 Mar, 2012 15:52 ]
Post subject: Re: [SOLVED] Header Out Of Line
You´re welcome Josh.

BTW the logo seems to fit better, but defenitly is´nt solved, since the block size is´nt the acourate one

have a look at it with Firebug and you´ll notice

Joshua203 [ Sun 18 Mar, 2012 16:36 ]
Post subject: Re: Header Out Of Line
Now that you mention it I noticed the pic is still 300px high

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