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phpBB 3 MODS And Styles (Not Compatible With phpBB 3.1) - "Like Button"

ross03 [ Mon 05 Jun, 2017 09:51 ]
Post subject: "Like Button"
We can find mods that allow you to load up a thread to Facebook. That is not what we want. It's not a link to FB or any other social network that we are looking for.

We are looking for nothing but a simple "like" button that just tells the poster that he or she likes that post, without having to answer in posts. So the "like" button should be completely forum intern.

Any ideas?

Informpro [ Mon 05 Jun, 2017 15:06 ]
Post subject: Re: "Like Button"
Is this for Icy Phoenix? You posted it in the phpBB3 forum.

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