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phpBB 3 MODS And Styles (Not Compatible With phpBB 3.1) - HI GUYS... NEED HELP?

anhnn123 [ Thu 21 Jun, 2018 08:55 ]
Post subject: HI GUYS... NEED HELP?
I am interested in using WOW RAID MANAGER on my site. I need to know if anyone has tried to fully integrate this into their IP site? If so please PM me. I need know if it works with the IP calendar. If not I would like to make an offer to anyone interested in helping me out I would be willing to pay someone to integrate it into IP. I want this to work with the calendar that is built into IP.

Thanks in advance.

Informpro [ Mon 25 Jun, 2018 22:22 ]
Post subject: Re: HI GUYS... NEED HELP?

Do you have a link? We'd need that to take a look.

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