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Hinfra [ Wed 21 Mar, 2007 19:11 ]
Post subject: Problem Showing Embed Videos From
Hello folks,

I have a website called Wiiside (Link) and I want to put my videos from brightcove in my posts, but I try and try and I can't solve it.

For example in this post: Link to the post I show the embed code of Brightcove. I know that Icy Phoenix posts don't support copy and paste HTML code, but it's a way to show to you the complete code.

Down of the code I try to do the same thing I do when I want to put a video from Gametrailers, I write this when I publish my post:

Code: [Hide] [Select]
[flash width=510 height=550][/flash]

It seems to work because the flash shows "loading", but it never finish and the video it's not played.

What can I do ¿?

Thanks for read my problem and sorry for my poor English...

Mighty Gorgon [ Fri 23 Mar, 2007 23:56 ]
Post subject: Re: Problem Showing Embed Videos From
Are you sure it is a flash file?

I can't see the SWF extension.

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