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Old Support Topics - SOLVED - How To? Configure Lightbox Settings To Work Like IP Home Site.

Turbotech [ Sun 25 Jan, 2009 14:29 ]
Post subject: SOLVED - How To? Configure Lightbox Settings To Work Like IP Home Site.

Solution to this problem has been logged in my final post in this thread.... (Thanks again for the help).

Sorry all, I have searched untill I am blue in the face, can not find a clear answer.

I would like to know exactly "What setting combo" needs to be selected to make "My IP site" work just like "THIS" site, when it comes to the
lightbox option settings.

When I attempt to "UPLOAD" any pics into a "new post", Yes, the pics upload fine, however when they are displayed I see the
(NO THUMBNAIL) gif, instead of a resduced size pic. (Exactly like this current post lol)

screen1a screen1

This is a (Fresh, Properly installed DEFAULT config of IP, Perm's are 100% verified)

I am CERTAIN that the "Problem Exsists Between keyboad and chair " (PEBKAC) hehe... but now I'm simply "chasing my tail...."

I have had this working "correctly" in my test build which I just replaced with a clean IP install (On the same server) so, I KNOW it isnt
the IP Script OR the server its hosted on.... sigh...

Current lightbox settings as follows.

screen2 screen3
screen4 screen5

The goal here is to simply configure my site to work "exactly like this current post I just placed with the Icy Phoenix Site".

If anyone can either define these settings OR, push me to a link with the same answers I would be greatfull for the help.

Thx in advance.

Limun [ Sun 25 Jan, 2009 15:32 ]
Post subject: Re: How To? Configure Lightbox Settings To Work Like IP Home Site.
maybe problem is in allow_url_fopen


maybe this can help

Turbotech [ Sun 25 Jan, 2009 15:43 ]
Post subject: Re: How To? Configure Lightbox Settings To Work Like IP Home Site.
Well... Thx for posting however I can not see "how or why" I would possibly need to create a php.ini file, make all of these modifications to the scrip, perms ect, when I did my TEST INSTALL, (I did not need to do any of the above posted solution at all, this is the same EXACT server host I was using, this is also a 100% Re-uploaded CLEAN install of IP As in the test files on the server were DELETED, as well as the TEST DATABASE file. cant get any cleaner than that...).

(The only difference here between my initial TEST INSTALL, Vs The current FRESH install is the following.)

(Test Site): Initial install I did, I did not pay close enough attention to the install directions, (the ip_root contents folder was installed directly to my site root folder, as in, www.mysite.com/index.php and all other files respectivly from the ip_root folder.... (Note this site was "Moved" to a different folder "as per instructions" to set as follows: www.mysite.com/mynewsite/index.php) The site & functions worked correctly before & after the move, and very simple changes made to the server config setup within the IP Control config panel to reflect the change or move".

(CURRENT BUILD): This build of IP was properly installed "from scratch 100%", The files were uploaded to the "Correct folder" ex: www.mysite.com/ip_root/index.php, There were no errors on install... All CHMod Perm settings were done "by hand & verifyed" before ever running the install.php setup file...... flawless install, noooo errors..

This has GOT to be a case of a setting/option not being turned ON OR OFF, since it worked just fine the first time arround with the test site..... Durring my initial TEST INSTALL, at no time did I install "ANY MODS OR SCRIPTS" that were not clearly included with the original Icy Phoenix Install package, so... unless I am not understanding the problem here, I shouldnt need to modify the exsisting scripts...

When I got this Lightbox config to work properly with the test site "IT was PURE LUCK", I had apparently (knowingly or not) selected the correct combo of settings to make this work, I have not been so fortunate this time arround.....

Are you saying that my above posted ScreenSHots of my current config are 100% Correct?

Limun [ Sun 25 Jan, 2009 16:40 ]
Post subject: Re: How To? Configure Lightbox Settings To Work Like IP Home Site.
here my setings (i just quick tryed this and it worked , i didnt haved enabled this before )



empty also cache and upload again some picture (didnt worked with pics what i uploated before this changes )

Turbotech [ Sun 25 Jan, 2009 18:52 ]
Post subject: Re: How To? Configure Lightbox Settings To Work Like IP Home Site.
OUTSTANDING! Limun, Thank you sir for your time... It was well worth it

I verified all settings, as I can see, I was on target, I was not quite sure about the reasons you made your first post, or, I should say wasnt sure how it related to my
current problem since this was not a "moved" website from a different host, but, now it is crystal clear, (or lot clearer than when I started out on this issue hehe).

I used the solution you originaly posted, As per instruction I, uploaded new created php.ini file to the root of my site for the allow_url_fopen override, chmod'ed it to (705), cleared out "all" of my cashe folders using IP interface, cleared my IE7 cashe as well for good mesure.....

It works perfectly now!

Thank you again

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