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DWho [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 14:35 ]
Post subject: Themes

I have been working on some themes for example this one here...


I have a lot more nearly finished and a style demo being done at the moment to make it easier to view...

Come and have a look at the site

DWho [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 14:55 ]
Post subject: Re: Themes
site url in signature...ooops

JANU1535 [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 16:04 ]
Post subject: Resposta: Themes
Wow, impressive theme !!!

Great work DWho

Hakkinen [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 16:57 ]
Post subject: Respuesta: Themes

Nizzle [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 17:09 ]
Post subject: Re: Themes

difus [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 18:33 ]
Post subject: Re: Themes
nice work ! 0050

DWho [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 19:06 ]
Post subject: Re: Themes
thank you for your kind words .....

I hope to have some ready by the end of the week...

ThE KuKa [ Tue 05 Sep, 2006 20:41 ]
Post subject: Respuesta: Themes
This is a NICE THEME

Xusqui [ Wed 06 Sep, 2006 01:16 ]
Post subject: Respuesta: Themes
Looks Nice, but...

Will we have to be "VIP" members (by paying through paypal) to access the download?

DWho [ Wed 06 Sep, 2006 12:03 ]
Post subject: Re: Themes
Some will be available through VIP membership which is £10 a year for the work involved in porting the themes....

but I will be doing a lot of free ones too...

Mighty Gorgon [ Wed 06 Sep, 2006 13:13 ]
Post subject: Re: Themes
DWho wrote: [View Post]
but I will be doing a lot of free ones too...

Great to read this...

As soon as XS 059 will be out, then I'll start a THEME CONTEST.

XS 059 should have all templates files with correct paths and definition... so creating a new XS template should be easier.

Nice work you did on your site indeed.

ch0pper [ Wed 06 Sep, 2006 13:58 ]
Post subject: Re: Themes
i have a quick question.

i using a old template called labs used on phpbb on my new fourm phpbbxs

it giving me a few problems.

if you look at Most users ever online was you see that it is displaying <59eMondayec30 9pm09e=

I think it also will not let me make any new fourms.

in the admin ACP .

can any one help me here how to get it working?

thanks .

not sure this is the right place to post?

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