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Limun [ Mon 01 Jun, 2009 01:05 ]
Post subject: Re: Sudoku Images For Dark Styles
Lopalong wrote: [View Post]
Didn't know you posted ahead of me Limun.

Ok, so anyone wanting to change image.ext etc, is going to have to learn how to re-define the strings and add them and the vars to the style.cfg. And that's no problem - So long as everyone knows that and does it the same way, then it wont become a headache for those trying to help.

@Limun - Why did you have to make those images .png ?

first i learned more than few things in this topic from you ,thats why i created .pngs
(i like png ... they are more confortable than .gif and we are in 21 century also ... sites are going on transparency ,quality ecc and with .gif you cant take out so much )

anyway your last cfg is working so i will probably use it .... but dunno what i will do if some other things came out ... this is only reason why i wont default.cfg

Lopalong [ Mon 01 Jun, 2009 01:39 ]
Post subject: Re: Sudoku Images For Dark Styles

For myself, I intend to remove all the things that will never change from the last config I posted and use that. Because I don't want to be in the position of having to upgrade the /style/(style.cfg and moved default.cfg) if and when MG ever adds another MOD that requires a block of images or anything else that may be added to the /default/default.cfg.

Because as far as the end-user of the style is concerned, having to modify the /default/default.cfg for all unmodified styles, and then having to modify the default.cfg that has / may have been added to the modified style - - is all too much.

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