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Pyron [ Wed 23 Mar, 2011 18:48 ]
Post subject: Language Support
Who can support me for language translate. I need pratic way for make this job. Thank you help.

TheSteffen [ Thu 24 Mar, 2011 00:58 ]
Post subject: Re: Language Support
Sorry, I don't understand... what do you want to translate?

Pyron [ Thu 24 Mar, 2011 08:41 ]
Post subject: Re: Language Support
I need only must to change words in text file.

for example lang_main.php :

'In total there are <b>%d</b> users in chat: '
'Most users ever online was <b>%s</b> on %s'

KugeLSichA [ Thu 24 Mar, 2011 16:14 ]
Post subject: Re: Language Support
if i understand well you want to create a new language????

if so... here you go

Joshua203 [ Thu 24 Mar, 2011 18:40 ]
Post subject: Re: Language Support
If you mean that you do not know what to do with %d and %s ...

Leave it as it is, it will be replaced automatically by a variable

2 users in chat
10 users in chat

Example 2:
Most users ever online was 10 on Saturday, 2 Februari 2009

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