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Welcome to ColorizeIt!

ColorizeIt is an online color scheme editor that allows you to change colors to available styles.

ColorizeIt is a perfect solution for owners of forums, blogs and turnkey websites. You no longer have to search for a design that matches color scheme you want, you can take any design and quickly alter its color scheme.

Editing requires no html/css knowledge at all, you don't need to enter weird html color values, all editing is done by moving few sliders. Select a color, move the sliders to change it to match the color you want, then download the re-colored style.

ColorizeIt cannot change color to whatever you want, there are some limitations. For example, you cannot make most designs lighter or darker. You cannot change only few instances of same color, for example, if link color is blue and some image has exactly the same blue color, both colors will be changed because ColorizeIt is not a style builder.


Limited support will be given to ColorizeIt, please use Icy Phoenix Support Forum for any kind of request.

If you'll find a bug or if you'd like to request a feature, please post it on support forum.

Please note that only registered users can customize Icy Phoenix templates [ Login ]. Colorization of phpBB 3 templates is free for all.

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