----------------------------------- nothere Fri 13 May, 2011 03:39 Wordpress-like Tag Cloud Flash ----------------------------------- I’ve always liked the plugin for Wordpress that animates tags in flash. You may have seen/heard of it, WP-Cumulus, see this link: So, I thought I would make a block in CMS-->CMS Pages-->3 Columns. It’s fairly easy. You just need to download a couple of files and edit the block relevant to your site. To start, download the WP-Cumulus plugin from [url=]this link. Extract the two files called: [b]swfobject.js[/b] and [b]tagcloud.swf[/b] then upload them to either the root of your IP site or create a new folder. Just remember to edit the paths accordingly (if in a different directory). The original code can be found here, with a demo: Here is an example of what I placed on my site inside the CMS block. [spoiler][code linenumbers=false] WP-Cumulus example
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[/code][/spoiler] Take note of the two script tags: [code linenumbers=false][/code] and [code linenumbers=false]