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Post DarkShadow Entertainment 
Hey everyone, just thought i'd show off my gaming site. please tell me what you think

DarkShadow Entertainment - Where Gamers Unite!



So, Who Are We?

Darkshadow Entertainment is a company that aims to unite game makers from all around the world to create unique games and software. To create those games we will be generally be using the development engine Game Maker  . Our main focus is on creating games that are both challenging and fun to play! We work with a great team of programmers, graphical artists, game designers, composers and web designers to create games that meet our high quality standards. At the moment, we're recruiting new members for the team so that games are developed faster, easier and better! So, if you've talent in any part of game creation, consider joining the team!

The site itself can now handle more downloads and is more organized than before, this organisation now means that the site is more user-friendly, and can handle more members.

We have:
- Downloads (varying from Spriting tutorials, to Game-Maker tutorials)
- A Sprite Database
- and much much more!

It's Easy to upload your own content!

If there are any queries about DarkShadow Entertainment, email

DShadowSend private message  
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Post Re: DarkShadow Entertainment 
these games are compatible with Activity Mod for Icy Phoenix ???

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