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Post I'm Stuck 
If I Google any more for this and don't have WP or Joomla - I'm going to go nuts - Or stay "Nuts"   notachance8zt

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What is the simplest of php scripts that can be added to an install script that already knows that config.php has what prefix is preferred- rather than write-to-file during install:

Example: config.php already includes,

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$table_prefix = "xx_";

 and is included during install,

I've tried so many different ways and maybe that's the problem, but the best I could end up with was changing it to something like:


I'm not asking that someone do it for me (unless I really get stuck) Just an example of any other script that you may know of besides phpBB, WP, joomla etc. should help.

Danke, Grazzie and thanks.  

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Post Re: I'm Stuck 
Sorry, but I don't understand what you need...

If you need a "default" prefix to be used in case you still don't have config.php you can add something like this after including your config.php:

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$table_prefix = empty($table_prefix) ? 'xx_' : $table_prefix;

Or you may even decide to use a constant in your constants.php:
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define('DEFAULT_TABLE_PREFIX', 'xx_');


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Post Re: I'm Stuck 

I had another look at this today and got a bit further with it by seeing how you manipulate IP's install.

But I also found out that the rating script I use has to be hard-path-coded in the .js.

And while I managed to recode about half of the .js and still have it working - I stopped and asked myself why am I doing this?

But in the meantime, at least all of the tables SQL are now constants.


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