What Makes You Angry

Subject: What Makes You Angry
You sign up at icyphoenix.es - Spend 15 minutes compiling a post that needs a lot of explaining and On Submit you get slapped in the face with:

The Spam Block System has banned your account because you have been identified as a spammer.

And you lose the lot! :censored:

That's what makes you as MAD as hell! let alone the intrusive questions on registering - And they tout to being a support site, more of an obstacle is more like it. :censored:

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Subject: Re: What Makes You Angry
I checked your ip with my main method and you come up clean, even your mailaddress did :shock:
It would help if you knew how they identified you, what auto-check method?

Frustrating to loose a carefully written post I agree :cry:

Subject: Re: What Makes You Angry
And about an hour of researching went down the drain with it. :(

But never mind my friend, I'll do it again and post it here in the "Translations" forum. :mrblue:


The other thread I posted in Chat re Auto-Editing lang files - Could someone please move that to "Translations" too, as I think it would be better suited there.

Thank'um U! :LOL:

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Subject: Re: What Makes You Angry
Done as you whished :wink:

PS maybe one of the admins of icyphoenix.es will respond here about the reason this happened to you.

Subject: Re: What Makes You Angry
I hope they do Josh, because I have a question for them. - - - - BOOM!

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Subject: Re: What Makes You Angry
What i could find out was. CrTracker spam detection blocked you mort. but it did´nt ban you.

should be working again now

Subject: Re: What Makes You Angry
spydie wrote: [View Post]
should be working again now

Too bad, Too late.

When I go to an Icy Phoenix support site I don't expect to find locks on the doors that you must either open or answer stupid questions before one can gain access.

You didn't fill in what gender you are?
What is your "Real" Name"

What Rubbish,
What Nonsense.

If anything this sort of stuff works against Icy Phoenix. It is after all supposed a be a support site and generally freely open to one and all without the third degree stuff. But it's not - It's a "Personalised General Forum" with a bit of Icy Phoenix thrown in. And has adopted the attitude of "We'll let you in as long as you know the secret password"?

Why don't you make it "Support by invitation only"

I think I'll stick to doing all of my posting here in future, and if those of other Nationalities choose to ignore how I'm trying to help THEM - - Then that's Too Bad also!

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Subject: Re: What Makes You Angry
i did´nt set that up, David.

just got named admin there, even thought, i did´nt asked for it.

got enough to do, with my other projects

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