TOR Browser

Subject: TOR Browser
Has anyone seen or using this?

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Subject: Re: TOR Browser
A lot of friends are using it... but I didn't so far.

Did you try it?

Subject: Re: TOR Browser
I did after you said some of your friends use it. :mricy:

Could be useful as it hides the zone/country one is in so some stuff (media) that is blocked on those parameters can be accessed. :twisted:

What's more it installs into a folder on the desktop and not into the OS..

No wonder they say it's 'portable on USB' etc.

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Subject: Re: TOR Browser
So the overall experience is still good?

Subject: Re: TOR Browser
Let's just say that it's a "Handy Tool" to have at one's disposal.. :mryellow:

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Subject: Re: TOR Browser
But it's soooo slow...

Subject: Re: TOR Browser
I use Pirate Browser on the Vadalia network. Its Meh at best. I actually have not started that network on my machine in about 2 years.

If I want to hide I use a GOOD VPN. I rarely have a reason to though. I don't torrent or anything like that anymore since I got caught 2 times. I gave up on it. Its just not worth it.

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