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I'm just wondering what text editor/IDE do you use in big projects like Icy Phoenix. It may be a stupid question but I'm curious. Thanks!

lupacexi - Profile PM  
lupacexi [ Thu 13 Sep, 2018 06:34 ]
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I Have Question
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It depends between developers. I'm a bit IntelliJ fan with its PhpStorm editor, but it costs money. On my non-work computer, I use either vim or SublimeText.
Usually, I try to avoid SublimeText or vim to make big changes to the project, because I'm lacking all the goodies and checks that PhpStorm offers.

Informpro - Profile PM  
Informpro [ Thu 13 Sep, 2018 17:21 ]
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I still use the "old fashion" EditPlus + XAMPP + Browser... But if you work in team, you need something better to be able to cooperate properly...

Mighty Gorgon - Profile PM  
Mighty Gorgon [ Wed 26 Sep, 2018 11:19 ]
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