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Post Php Echo Not Working? 
Anyone got any answers for this

It could be XAMPP because at least four times it lost everything and had to be re-installed!

My config file.php

And your code wrappers are not working either

Raw code:
echo "" . date("l-d-m-Y") ."";

And that's all I do get?

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Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]

Nothing here echoes anything?
echo '
define("3NG", "<h3>New Games</h3></div>");
define("AHG", "<a href="games/100-quickshot-fun/100-quickshot-fun.php"><img class="radius2-0" src="games/100-quickshot-fun/640x426.jpg" alt=""/></a></div>");
define("AHG", "<a href="games/2-billiards-2-play/2-billiards-2-play.php"><img class="radius2-0" src="games/2-billiards-2-play/640x426.jpg" alt=""/></a></div>");
define("AHG", "<a href="games/clever-frog/clever-frog.php"><img class="radius2-0" src="games/clever-frog/640x426.jpg" alt=""/></a></div>");
define("CM4", "<div class="col-md-4 resent-grid recommended-grid slider-top-grids">");
define("CMG", "<div class="main-grids">");
define("CRI", "<div class="main-grids">Animated Cartoon</h3></div>");
define("CS9", "<div class="col-sm-9 col-sm-offset-3 col-md-10 col-md-offset-2 main">");
define("DCC", "<div class="clearfix"></div></div>");
define("DCI", "<div class="recommended-info">");
define("DCR", "<div class="recommended">");
define("DRG", "<div class="recommended-grids">");
define("RGI", "<div class="resent-grid-img recommended-grid-img">");
define("RGO", "<div class="resent-grid-info recommended-grid-info">");
define("RH3", "<h3><a href="games/clever-frog/clever-frog.php" class="title title-info"><b>Clever Frog</b><br/>after water!</a></h3></div>");
define("3AG", "<h3><a href="games/00-quickshot-fun/100-quickshot-fun.php" class="title title-info"><b>100 Quickshot Fun</b><br/>after water!</a></h3></div>");
define("3AH", "<h3><a href="games/2-billiards-2-play/2-billiards-2-play.php" class="title title-info"><b>2 Billiards 2 Play</b><br/>after water!</a></h3></div>");
define("TGR", "<div class="top-grids">");
            <script src="js/responsiveslides.min.js"></script>
                // You can also use "$(window).load(function() {"
                $(function () {
                 // Slideshow 4
                auto: true,
                pager: false,
                nav: true,
                speed: 500,
                namespace: "callbacks",
                before: function () {
                 $(".events").append("<li>before event fired.</li>");
                after: function () {
                 $(".events").append("<li>after event fired.</li>");
define("A5S", "<h5><a href="single.php" class="title">XXXXX water!</a></h5>");
define("ACP", "<a href="single.php"><img src="images/c1.jpg" alt=""/></a>");
define("AHS", "<h5><a href="single.php" class="title">XXXXXX</a></h5><ul><li><p class="author author-info"><a href="#" class="author">Admin</a></p></li><li class="right-list"><p class="views views-info">2,114,200 views</p></li></ul></div></div><div class="clearfix"></div></div>");
define("CM3", "<div class="col-md-3 resent-grid recommended-grid">");
define("CRG", "class="recommended-grids">");
define("CSC", "<div class="clck small-clck">");
define("DCC", "<div class="clearfix"></div></div></li><li>");
define("DCC", "<div id="top" class="callbacks_container"><ul class="rslides" id="slider3"><li>");
define("DCI", "<div class="recommended-info">
define("GII", "<div class="resent-grid-img recommended-grid-img">");
define("P51", "echo "". date("l-d-m-Y")."";</p></div>");
define("PAI", "<p class="author author-info"><a href="#" class="author">Admin</a></p></div>");
define("RGI", "<div class="resent-grid-info recommended-grid-info">");
define("RIC", "<div class="resent-grid-img recommended-grid-img">");
define("SAG", "<div class="animated-grids">");
define("SBG", "<div class="slid-bottom-grids">");
define("SBR", "<div class="slid-bottom-grid slid-bottom-right">");
define("SGG", "<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-time" aria-hidden="true">&nbsp;</span></div>");
define("SMR", "<div class="main-grids">Recommended</h3></div>");
define("SMS", "<div class="main-grids">Sports</h3></div>");
define("TST", "<div class="time small-time">echo "". date("l-d-m-Y")."";</p></div>");
define("VVI", "<p class="views views-info">2,114,200 views</p></div>");
include "overall-footer.php";

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