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Post Downgrade From Icy Phoenix To Phpbb2 
Hey guys, I've been looking around the forums here and haven't found anything concrete for what I'm trying to do.
I've got Icy Phoenix installed already and it's been on there a while, so posts have accumulated and we have a lot of users. Now I was wondering if there's a way to take all that information (I guess the tables from the database) and keep all the users and all the posts and import them into the new forum (phpbb2). I'm just not sure what to take from the database and how to rename it to fit the new installation or what I should do. It would be great if this is possible because we'd like to keep our user accounts and posts.

And hey don't worry, this is just one site I'm doing this for, I've got a bunch more that still use Icy Phoenix, works great  

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Post Re: Downgrade From Icy Phoenix To Phpbb2 
Hi Gimpy,

I'd probably make a backup of the following database tables first:

- phpbb_users
- phpbb_posts
- phpbb_topics
- phpbb_config
- phpbb_categories
- phpbb_forums

Those are the tables I usually double check to be sure I have backups.  If your database table's prefix is ip_ instead of phpbb_, just rename it to phpbb_.  I always use the phpbb_ prefix so it keeps everything nice and neat.  It also makes it easier if I have to reinstall phpBB2.

I believe that's everything.

Good luck!

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Post Re: Downgrade From Icy Phoenix To Phpbb2 
Oops somebody beat me to it. Heres a more definitive list:

Possibly needed tables (check these in phpmyadmin to see if they have any data):

smilies (if you want to transfer across the smilies images folder from icy)



Definitely not:
themes (it will try and look for icy theme otherwise, which would not work/exist)

Steps are:
1) Backup only the above tables needed (all others in IP will be redundant). Use "Drop table if Exists" and "Create table".
2) Install phpbb2.
3) As Chaotic says, use a good text editor (like tswebeditor) to search and replace the table prefix in the backup file to whatever you used as a prefix in your phpbb. e.g. search & replace all yourprefix_ to phpbbprefix_ (putting _ helps ensure you don't also change any other text which happens to match your table prefix).
4) Import the backup to your phpbb2 forum.

A lot of the IP backup will contain a lot of extra fields used by the mods - these will just sit there being ignored by phpbb2 scripts. You will lose any forum sub categories - sub cats will appear just as separate forums on same index page.
If you want to install FAP on your phpbb2, then you can backup the album tables & data.

In general you should not use a backup config as if you install a new phpbb2, then you will have, probably a new script path, this alone will cause your board not to work if you import a backup. There are some other things which might night work properly. Also you will have to enter in the necessary details to populate the config data when you install phpbb2, so keep it.

NB if you miss out posts_text or privmsgs_text, then you won't have any text data, just blank posts on your page!

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