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Ok this is probably the dumbest request you may have gotten in a long long time.

I am wanting to add the old classic [you] BBCode to my IP install and I am no good at adding BBCode. I have tried on other boards and failed miserably. Anyone can help me add that little code? I know it an annoying code but I as the admin am the only one going to have access to it. I'm not making a button or anything for it. I will just simply know it works on my site.

If not Familiar with the [you] BBCode it is the one that when you read a post it would spell your username our for you.

For example this forum might say : Welcome back [you]! We are glad to see you return!   On my screen, I would see it as : Welcome back MWE_001! We are glad to see you return!

Thanks guys!

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold" -Bob Marley
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