[MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre

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Subject: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
ACP Site Announcement Centre

Adds a site announcement box to the top of your forums that can be edited easily in the admin panel.
You can preview it before posting and BBCode and smilies are supported.
Latest or First post of either a forum or topic can be chosen for announcements as well.
Admin can choose who should see the Site Announcements (All, Registered, Mods, Admin only).
Separate announcements for guests only can be shown.

Download the Latest Version Here!

Other helpful Documentation - "How to add the SQL for the MOD using Icy Phoenix"

Additional Language Files

MOD Updated 26th August 2009 - 08:00pm.

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
Thanks a lot for this mod but I think he isn't stable yet.
Depending of the theme I use, it show or not.
When I try with prosiler_ip ( black or blue ) it doesn't show.
When I try with black pearl, it show but it seems it doesn't update if I change the text.
And maybe this mode is the origin of my bug with viewforum : it mb disable navigation bar at the top ( below the header ).

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Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
And I'm a mind-reader? :(

A LINK to your forum please. :shock:

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
Okay let's go ^^ :

1. Their site url (If not adult or warez)

http://aelyon.eg2.fr/ ( RP forum / Writing board )( french )
2. The version of Icy Phoenix they are using.
1.3.xxx ( the latest one ù.ù )
3. Their Computer OS.
Windows XP
4. What browser they normally use.
Firefox 3.5 ( last stable version )
5. Whether their server is Free or Paid.
Free server but everything provided ^^
6. The name of the provider if it's a free host.
http://www.espace-gratuit.org/ === Espace-Gratuit ( french )
7. Fully describe their problem or request.
I found some bugs with Site Announcement Centre, chief :nerd: I'll try to list all I found :
- Difference between logged and guest user is OK
- Sending SQL to DB for update the text is NOT OK !
- Not Compatible with prosilver_ip ( black or blue )
- Make a bug on viewforum.php and disable navigation header ( check 5thh post of this topic for more informations - the one with pictures -). That's common to each themes I tried : black_pearl, black and blue prosilver_ip and Frozen Icy. My only mods are Page Permission, Topic Cement and ACP Annoucement Centre.
8. Post any actual Error Messages they get and NOT "Something like this"
Hummm just did **

Cap'tain Yros, waiting your orders, sir ! :smartass:

Ps : My mod version :
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
INSERT INTO ip_announcement_centre (announcement_desc, announcement_value) VALUES('announcement_mod_version', 'v1.2.3');

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Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
1. All MODS are written for the Default Style - Frozen Phoenix.
2. This url h**p://aelyon.eg2.fr/forum.php?&s=1 indicates that you don't have it installed on your site.
3. Please install the Default Style and test the MOD with that.
4. I believe the Guest / Member problem is a PICNIC = Problem in chair not in computer.

But I will check it out later. ;)

The version number is immaterial.

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
I deleted it and installed it back on local =/
The real prob for text updating is this : When I change both ( for registered user, TEXT A, and for guests, TEXT B) and that I click on " submit ", it seems to load the page and show me the same page with default texts for both.

EDIT : I will try to be neater :
1st prob/ text doesn't update ( for each template )
2nd prob/ announce doesn't show on prosilver_ip ( both theme )
3rd prob/ In each template, the navigation header disappear in viewforum.php ( check my link before )

Is that better ? =x

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Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
Re the problem with the same messages:

Check this radio button and see if anything changes.

Show to: Everyone X Registered Users Moderators Admins

Different for Guests: X Yes No
If Yes, you cannot use "Show to: Everyone".

Edit: If you are using the preview window to add text - It may be a good idea to hit the "Preview" button to write it to the buffer, before "sending" it to site or guest announce etc.

Because at the moment - I can't find anything wrong with it. :?:

As for ProSilver - I base the mods on the default template set and nothing else. Otherwise I would be writing or adjusting mods for every different theme / style that comes along. And I'm afraid that I have been down that road too often before to want to start doing it again.

proSilver is in my opinion a "Custom" theme.

Try first to adjust it yourself, and if you can't then please ask for help for someone to modify it for you. ;)

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
In your opinion, which theme is the most compatible with Icy Phoenix ? Frozen Phoenix ?

Anyway that still strange because I installed it again ( for see if I didn't make a mistake ) and I had the same problem =/ For prosilver_ip it's not strange if it doesn't show up : I forgot to modify prosilver_ip/index_body.tpl ^^' ( it's ok for that then ).

My main problem is that I can't update my text : that's as if I could click on " submit " as much as I want and it will do nothing =/ My config in ACP seems good ... That " submit " button doesn't send SQL change that's all ... ( something like that ) >< Can you check the compatibility with Topic Cement and/or Page Permission ? Maybe the answer is here ... These are my only mods install : one of these is surely the origin of my probs x_x'

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
I'm using a spin-off of Limun's vB_black style and this MOD installed perfectly without any issues whatsoever.

Maybe you should go back and try to install it again paying very close attention to every edit required. It wouldn't hurt anything. 8)

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Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
@ Yros,


It's obvious that you are having problems with this, so lets see if we can resolve what it is step by step. ;)

I don't mind uninstalling and re-installing either the MOD or a new copy of Icy Phoenix for that matter. But I do need to know 1 of 3 things.

1. Did you cut and paste the SQL to the Db. ?
2. Or Did you use db_update.php
3. Or did you add the SQL manually using phpMyAdmin ?

And lets forget "Templates" at the moment. ;)

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
It's ok for templates as I said ! XD
About SQL I put it via phpMyAdmin directly ( didn't use db_update ).
Because of your question, I just tried to delete my table acp_announcement_center and I used db_update this time but it changed nothing =(

@ Chaotic : as I said I already checked if I didn't make a mistake during files editing but I did not =/

Can you try yourself Lopalong to install your mod + Topic Cement and Page Permission for see if it's not something about compatibility of these mods ? =x Dunno =/

EDIT : I also check if I didn't make a mistake with one of the other mod as if I hardly believe that it could be the reason of my probs with Announcement Centre =/

Last edited by Yros on Sun 30 Aug, 2009 13:31; edited 1 time in total
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Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
Yros wrote: [View Post]
Can you try yourself Lopalong to install your mod + Topic Cement and Page Permission for see if it's not something about compatibility of these mods ? =x Dunno =/

I've got a BETTER idea - You uninstall your OTHER MODS if you think they could be the problem!

I have NO intention of installing other mods OR Themes for that matter to see if anything conflicts with what you have done.

If it doesn't work with what other MODS you have have added - Then uninstall it.

And if it doesn't work with "Custom" themes - Then it's YOUR problem.

Let's get one thing straight - No one is here to spoon feed you when you need to cross the t's and dot the i's - Me in particular.

There are basics to html and css that quite possibly you should learn and try some things yourself before you scream for help!

Anyway, Ill re-check this MOD on a fresh install of both Icy Phoenix and the database and let you know.


Fresh install of Icy Phoenix and Site Announcement Centre and there are no problems.

So no! it's NOT unstable as you suggested in your first post, as there are lots of things that the user does that we have no control over - That's when things become unstable!

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
Aw strange : I didn't see you replied =X
If I asked you to do it that was because I wasn't here yesterday, that's all. About basics html and css knowledge, don't worry : I've it.
« Let's get one thing straight - No one is here to spoon feed you when you need to cross the t's and dot the i's - Me in particular. » Thanks for this sentence ^^ I didn't know it, I will notice for improve my english ** About the sense himself, I won't reply.

Anyway, I think you will be happy to know that I found where was the mistake : my package wasn't updated. Maybe because I downloaded it the 27th and you updated it at midnight. Kinda unlucky, isn't it ? As you said so well, Let's get one thing straight : If you doesn't notice in any way that you update your mod, how users can know if they have the latest version ... ? ( That's why, normally, mod authors use versions for their mod " 1.x 2.x etc ... " ).
But that's not what I matter ( as if you could ask if I had the latest one and try to update mod files but n/c ). What I matter is your irritation of your reply. I always am polite and I just ask for help. If you don't want to help me, then say " Sorry but I haven't time for find your prob " or something else. If you help me, I'll be grateful, of course, but I think your idea of " spoon feeding me " is unjust and result of your wounded pride when I said your mod could be unstable.

But I thanks you to think that all users haven't any knowledge in html/php/css and that you are so better than them. I suppose you're not the father of some children because if you were you wouldn't have say that you wouldn't " spoon feed me " because when you're a father, you can be as good as you want, you nevertheless will have to do it. You can take it as you want : I disliked how you replied to me and I just said what I think. Now it doesn't mean that I dislike you or something else ... I hope things are cleared. Anyway, thanks for the time you spent for me and for your help.

Best regards,

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
Off Topic
OK guys. Please keep the discussion on topic and please keep your cool when typing responses. This type of bantering shouldn't be here. If you are supporting a user and you think you are about to lose your marbles, please leave for a few minutes and come back with a clear mind. Yros, we hope you understand everyone here is working for free and it's very important to be as concise as possible when posting issues with MOD'S.

This will be the end of the off-topic discussion and bantering. Icy Phoenix members will be polite with one another. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via PM.

Subject: Re: [MOD IPv1.3.0.*] Site Announcement Centre
I do ^^' That's why there are my last sentences and that's also why I try to do my best for help as I can ( translation, help when I can on General support, reporting bugs, ... ). If I went too far in my last post, I present my excuses ( to/at/for ?) those I've offend. As I said, I always tell what I think with a great franchise as if it can be reprehensible. Then, sorry ^^'

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