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Post I Need A Form Created - Can Someone Help Me Do This? 
I was looking at the "Tell-A-Friend" option and the eCard Mod and thought that something like that could be incorporated with what I need.  Can some one help me do this?

This should not be difficult for most but, it is far more advanced than what I know.

I find myself in need of a email form letter (Petition).  In other words, let's say we have a petition on the website.  

  1. Registered User wants to sign the petition and send the Petition via an email from the website while being signed in.

  2. Depending on the Petition itself, it may have 1 or multiple recipients.  

    The recipient/recipient's will be inserted into the form by the creator of the form.

    1. All of the Congress
    2. All of the Senate
    3. State Congressional Members
    4. State Senators
    5. Specific Congress Member
    6. Specific Senator

  3. The user's info (full name, email address and *zip code) will also be automatically inserted into the email.
        a.  Zip code:  Can I add a place on the profile for users to insert their "zipcode"?
        b.  If full name, zipcode are not in the user's profile, the mod should request that the user completes these fields in their profile first.

  4. Verification of what has been sent:

    1. Petition with to and from info displayed so the user may see how it looks.
    2. Email to the user informing them of what has been done and that it was successful.

I think I covered it all.




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Post Re: I Need A Form Created - Can Someone Help Me Do This? 
Unfortunately there is no easy way for doing that.

It have to be coded specifically.

SEARCH is the quickest way to get support.
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