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Post Wiki And Icyphoenix Custom Mod. 
Hi Guys,

Apologies if i forget anything as this is the first MOD i have done / made.

This mod works for version 2.2.6 PM Wiki.

First you need to download PM Wiki from HERE

Install it in a folder on the same LEVEL as your ICYPHOENIX folder as per the instructions found HERE

EG if your IP is at www.mydomain.com/IP the the wiki should be installed as www.mydomain.com/WIKI  ( get the idea ? )

Once you have installed it you can browse about and use it as normal as at this point no integration has happened yet.

You can leave it at this if you want, however what is detailed below will allow only members of your forum to make changes ( this can be altered ).

So now you have a WIKI folder with configured as if it was standalone and and IP folder.

Download the attached file ICYPMWIKI.rar

install the contents into your WIKI folder over writing any files.

This will also over write the config file with a copy of the one i have made which has many edit buttons added for use when creating pages.

Once you have done this open yourwikifolder/local/config.php

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]

$ScriptUrl = 'http://www.mydomain.com/yourwikifolder/pmwiki.php';

change mydomain.com to your own domain
change yourwikifolder to the name you have given your wiki folder

Your website logo must be copied to:-

www.mydomain.com/yourwikifolder/pub/skins/pmwiki/logo_ip.jpg  ( IT MUST BE CALLED logo_ip.jpg ) or you have to modify the line:-

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]

to reflect the location of your logo.

If you look at the cookbook section on PMWIKI website there is a skins section, download a skin that you like and install in as per the instructions that comes with the skin.

You will have to find the line in the config file :-

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
$Skin = 'blah blah';

and edit it with the name of the skin you are using.

We are now finished with Config.php

We now need to open www.mydomain.com/yourwikifolder/pmwiki.php

Find the Line:-

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
[code linenumbers=false]if (!defined('IP_ROOT_PATH')) define('IP_ROOT_PATH', '../IP/');[/code]

Change the ../IP/ to relfect the name of your ICY Folder, eg if your ICY folder is located at www.mydomain.com/ICYFOLDER/  then change ../IP/ to ../ICYFOLDER/  

Save the pmwiki.php file.

Now download the IPWIKI.rar file and extract the contents to you ICYFOLDER

open the ipwiki.php file and edit the pathway to suit the location of your icyfolder.

All that remains now is to customise the skin to suit yourself and to start creating the wiki pages.

Good luck and the Guarantee runs out the minute i log off.  

Of course i am not an expert but if i can help i will.


Read the

Filename: IPwiki.rar
Filesize: 125 Bytes
Downloaded: 99 Time(s)
Filename: ICYPMWIKI.rar
Filesize: 1.34 MB
Downloaded: 102 Time(s)


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Post Re: Wiki And Icyphoenix Custom Mod. 

Have you any demo forum for show what it could be please ?
And can you resume what it add to IP ?
If I understood you, your mod is more for make the Wiki fitting / suiting to IP skin, isn't it ?

( I haven't enough time next days for try myself that's why I ask there ).

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

YrosSend private messageVisit poster's website  
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Post Re: Wiki And Icyphoenix Custom Mod. 
What I have described will allow you to have a wiki on your website that will only allow members of your website to make any changes to wiki pages, ie it uses the usernames from your website for page access.

It will not work with ICY skins, you have to install a PMWIKI skin from the cookbook section of the PMWIKI website. Once the Skin is installed you can modify to suit yourself or to get looking the same as your IP site.


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