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Beta: Troll Mod For Icy Phoenix

Beta: Troll Mod For Icy Phoenix

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Post Beta: Troll Mod For Icy Phoenix 
I've had to laugh at what this does - - - - -      

But it does also need someone else to test it, because it's Sooooooo Painful for one person to do all the testing.

It's also something I wouldn't use on my worst enemy - Well, not unless he was also a pain in the butt!

And I could nearly swear that MG had this in place for some of us with the last server he was using!


Give it a spin as a troll-user, and if it passes all expectations; I'll release it as a MOD.

Download: -> Troll Mod for Icy Phoenix

BTW, I renamed / recoded the instructions for miserable_user.php and renamed it to auth_validate.php because IF there are timeout's, the error message gives the game away by stating "Blah Blah" in miserable_user.php

I was going to call it ctracker_something.php - But thought maybe those files get enough complaints now!  

And I've only posted the code here if MG wants to run an eye over it before this is officially released - The install is also in the .zip

Spoiler: [ Show ]

Edit: Missed some changes. File updated.

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Beta: Troll Mod For Icy Phoenix

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Post Re: Beta: Troll Mod For Icy Phoenix 
Download Link has been changed.  

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