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Post Some Interesting Mods 

I don't really know where I could post something like that but, as I spend a lot of time, searching and finding many little interesting things, I thought it could be useful for some of you if I shared what I find. For example, if you are searching for a certain kind of mod that you can't find, I hope some of the following ones will help you in any way for develop some ideas and mods =)

Then . . . Let's go for the Ali Baba's cavern !
All the following mods are for phpBB 2 or 3 and were find on many sites as phpbb-hacks & many others. Mah ... if you want me to try to find a kind of mod, I guess I could search for you ^^ It would be my little help to the community

Ps : This isn't only " my " topic : if you also have some mods for phpBB or other that you'd like to share because you think it may be useful if adapted to IP, this thread is yours x)

Edit : Waaaargh x_X How can I Do for add more attachments !!! -.- I can only upload 3 attachment but I'd need around 30 >.< ! I won't make 10 replies I hope x_X Help meeee plz ><

Capitalize Username.zip
Description: MOD Description: Converts first letter of each word in username to capital letters upon registration whenuser clicks out of text box. Keeping your forum looking clean and professional.

for phpBB 2.x 

Filename: Capitalize Username.zip
Filesize: 24.12 KB
Downloaded: 105 Time(s)
Admin Ideas.zip
Description: MOD Description: This mod will allow admins to communicate via the admin panel.
( It may help if you have many programmers : it allow you to submit " ideas " via ACP and accept or not them )

Filename: Admin Ideas.zip
Filesize: 7.08 KB
Downloaded: 105 Time(s)
Description: Description:
Links accounts so you can easily switch between them.

phpBB 3.x 

Filename: account_link_0.7.3a.zip
Filesize: 48.85 KB
Downloaded: 107 Time(s)


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Post Re: Some Interesting Mods 

If these mods you are posting are NOT already converted to Icy Phoenix - - What it the purpose of posting them here ?

I think most of us know where to get phpBB2 and phpBB3 mods from, if and when anyone requests them or someone just takes a fancy to converting something for Icy Phoenix. ?

And if they don't, then links to any current phpBB site still having phpBB2 mods (in particular) would be more appropriate than a whole bunch of maybe / wannabe mods.

Just my opinion.  
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Post Re: Some Interesting Mods 
The purpose is to share some parts of codes which COULD help to adapt or create mods under IP by giving a starting way or idea. If I could link to each mod from the source site, I would have done it but when I search something, I always spend lots of hours, opening and closing many tabs / links / sites / etc ... for finally find something different than what I searched firstly ^^'

And, you know, that's not because many of us know where to find these mods that we will spend hours to find them. I know I'm not a good coder but I guess I'm not a too bad searcher in the net, mainly because I take the time I need to find things.

As a conclusion, I'd say that as if someone ask to adapt a mod to IP, sometimes he would be really interesting by another mod without knowing his existence. => I say that we can't think or imagine everything and that, sometimes, it's useful to have such little topics with some other mods to get/find ideas or parts of code for adapt / create / improve mods. Sometimes there is little things that none care but which can be really useful ... Like my " sliding options " mod =) Sometimes it's these little things which really help us at the end, little by little ^^

That's also only my humble opinion

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Post Re: Some Interesting Mods 
I can see what you're doing and I understand what you mean, but I really don't see the point.

What I do know is that a lot of mods and other things that were and are made for phpBB never got to phpBB-Hacks etc or any of the other known download sites. But at the same time if one knows of these sites (Particularly "Foreign Sites") then it would be more than useful to link to these sites so that any wannabe or mod-makers can see what is available.

Not many mod-makers do things by request or pick up on what other people suggest. They generally spend their time doing the things that interest them only - That's why I can't see the point of what you are doing by posting mods that may never be looked at.

Anyway, if you think it's good, then by all means continue to do what keeps you happy.

Here's a couple of MOD sites that's are still in action, and you my find something obscure there.


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Post Re: Some Interesting Mods 

So another couple of links of sites where you can find many mods :

English sites :
~ http://www.phpbb.com/ ( of course ^^ )
~ http://mods.martectx.de/
~ http://www.phpbbhacks.com/

French Sites :
~ http://forums.phpbb-fr.com/
~ http://www.modsphpbb3.fr/

Some sites for CH :
~ http://chmods.de/ ( Hayne's Website who does some great mods for CH )
~ http://chmods.com/
~ http://ptifo.clanmckeen.com/ ( official website )

It's strange because I feel as if I forget many sites where I searched ... Well I'll update anyway.
About what I wanna do, I don't know how to explain it but when you search something, it happens that you find something completely different BUT which could be very useful for you too. That's why I wanna share some little mods which may help users in their different boards because they aren't " specifics mods " but generals mods for everyone.


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