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Post Youtube Video Download In Milky Way 

I would like to have the youtube video downloader integerated in the milkyway style. I know it would use a custom page. but im a beginner and i failed in making one.

i would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to get it working in the milkyway style.

i think the form to input youtube link should be in the CustomYoutube.html (custom template file):
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<form method='post' action=''>
<input name='video' type='text' class='textbox' size="78"/>
<input type='submit' name='submit'value="Get it!" class="button">

and the link getting part should be in the CustomYoutube.php (custom php file):
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$video2 = explode("watch?v=", $video);
$video2 = explode("&", $video2[1]);
$video2 = $video2[0];
 $source = file_get_contents($video);

preg_match("/var fullscreenUrl = '(.*?)';/is", $source, $link);
$title = explode("<title>", $source);
$title = explode("</title>", $title[1]);
$title=str_replace("YouTube - ","",$title[0]);

echo"<br><b>$title</b><br><br><img src="$pic"><br><br><a href="http://www.youtube.com/get_video?$link">Download</a>";


here's a link to the original script:

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